The Biggest Contribution Of Concierge Family Medicine Austin To Humanity.

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine has been in practice for a very long time a few years back but it started receding due to the difference of preference of various people. You might have heard of concierge medicine before and if not, here, you will be provided everything that you need to know about this unique methodology.

Whether you seek extra care apart from the traditional clinical method or, you are not satisfied by only visiting the doctor when in critical situations, concierge medicine can be just the right thing for you to opt for. The key feature of this practice is providing 200% satisfaction to the patients as this method, is in fact, only for the patient’s benefit.

What Is Concierge Medicine?

This is a very unique and distinctive practice that is often named as “retailer medicine”. Other names for this methodology are boutique medicine and membership medicine.

Now, coming to the fact that what concierge medicine is. This is a practice in which the patient pays a monthly or annual fee to the doctor for direct-care and in return, the doctor provides extensive care with 24/7 access through mobile phones or same-day appointments.

This practice started in 1996, by a Seattle doctor who provided “Highly attentive medicine” in exchange for a flat-fee. After this, this practice was continued by many other doctors in order to avoid the mess created by insurance companies. This has been going on for many years but stopped eventually due to more exciting opportunities provided to new doctors, but you do not need to worry as there are black doctors in Austin to provide you this rare facility.

Concierge medicine is really beneficial to patients with diabetes, hypertension, asthma, kidney problems, and related diseases as this practice enables the doctors to provide extra care to the patients by monitoring the patient’s habits, diet, and lifestyle.

Special Softwares:

As it is the 21st century, the techniques and principles are eventually evolving every other day, so are the methods for concierge medicine. Now many concierge doctors, including the black doctors in Austin, are using up-graded and re-evaluated high-technology health tools to provide care facilities in a more personalized manner than before. Many applications can optimize concierge model operations. Some of them are:

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

This is the perfect way to record your documents paper-free. This is a very effective incentive to track your clinical progress and it makes it easier to analyze the patient’s recovery over time. Many patients invest in EHR to get customized and accessible documentation in this regard.

Medical Billing Software

This is a new and improved way to keep track of your medical payments. It eliminates the procedure of going and collecting the money from patients and on the other hand, patients can pay through the comfort of their home.

Patient Portals

It is one of the best applications a patient can install. It allows the patients to get greater access to the doctors in order to enjoy the facility of intense care with an easier way to exchange messages and schedule appointments with the doctor.

How Is It Different From Traditional Practices:

Here comes the most important part of this all. In traditional medical practice, the doctor has to look-after and make appointments for over 200 patients a day and they give up to 20 minutes per patient. On the other hand, in concierge medicine, patients and doctors have a special agreement in which the patient can get as much time as they want from the doctor by giving a specific amount per month or year.

Many patients want to get more intense and extensive care from the doctors and their minds do not settle on the traditional method. In comparison, concierge medicine provides sanity and comfort to the patients as well as the doctors because it creates a sort of understanding between the two. Black doctors in Austin are focusing on this technique in order to connect with the patients on another level.

Other differences include:

l Payments are done in advance for the medical services as a flat membership retainer fee.

l Some doctors take insurance while others take cash-only.

l Decreased patient panel for the doctors or physicians.

l Greater access including nutrition evaluation, therapy, and emergency room visits.

Concierge Vs. DPC

Many people often get confused between the two. They may be a lot similar but the main difference between the two is that DPC or Direct Primary Care removes the financial barriers which usually becomes a hurdle in concierge medicine if you cannot afford it due to the economical status.

Concierge medicine usually requires co-insurance fees or co-pays but in return, concierge medicine provides a wider range of facilities with better health opportunities.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine:

Concierge medicine is gaining popularity day by day and is soon going to be practiced everywhere as the benefits it provides are inevitable. There are many models available to choose from. You can find the model that fits best with your requirements and needs. Out of many advantages you can get from concierge medicine, some of the main are:

l Home delivery of medicines, that can be really useful for people with bone injuries or Arthritis problems.

l Longer exam times to satisfy your cerebrum.

l Same day appointments to avoid the hassle of waiting to get a complete check-up.

l Email access to your doctor so that you can communicate in a better way.

l Enhanced recording of your clinical process.

l A better way for your doctor to understand your clinical condition.

l Nutritional therapy to increase the pace of your recovery.

l Personalized attention from the physician.

l Doctors can provide a higher quality of care to the patients.

Why Choose Us?

We try to establish a meaningful relationship between the doctors and the patients as we acknowledge the importance of the mental satisfaction of our patients. We strive to give you the best health care with efficient methods. We focus on each patient carefully and provide attention to detail so that nothing is left out, and there is no room for doubt.

Choosing us will make you contented and satisfied, leading to a better and healthy mind and body.

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