Black Doctors In Austin

Being in a world with white supremacy and a biased attitude, being a person of color can be a hard thing. People will judge you for everything that you do. Starting from the simplest of things, you get death stares while taking out the trash, buying groceries, watering the lawn, to massive achievements like getting a promotion or being a public speaker, you will be judged no matter what you do, no matter what you wear, no matter how you speak, and no matter how you look.

People may jump to the conclusion that black people are over-dramatizing the whole situation, but it’s always hard to say unless you are in the shoes of the other person. The world is quick to judge, it leaves no one behind. Coming to the situation of black people in professional fields, the number of black doctors is comparatively very less than white. Moreover, talking about Austin, you will find only a few black doctors who are practicing medicine.

Why Black Doctors Are Scarce?

As previously told that black doctors are less in number, you must be thinking that what are the reasons that this issue has arisen to the surface. Many campaigns and resolutions have been made like the “Black Lives Matter”, but the state of affairs has not much improved. Black doctors are hard to find. The reason? Well, there are quite many that can be in focus. The topmost reasons and causes include:

Educational Drawbacks:

Society is cruel. It is the main reason people face depression and anxiety. Although there are good people in the world, the bad still exist. Considering black children specifically, they are treated differently, and interviewing a few people, one of them stated that the likelihood of a black child walking the corridors of prison is more than the corridors of a college. Sadly, black children have lower participation in AP and STEM courses due to a lack of resources in schools.

Financial Issues:

Let's come to the fact that black people are paid less than white. This is due to the fact that even if the society has developed and it is the 21st century, racism prevails. Studies prove that black people have to make a double amount of effort to achieve those posts and positions that are easily available to the white. As the medical and clinical study is expensive, it becomes difficult for the family head to provide for medical education.

Biased Society:

Once you get through the doors of your office, the people will see you for your color and not for your skill. It becomes difficult for black doctors to make the world realize that their skills are just as good as of others. There are relatively fewer black role models because whenever someone speaks up, he is brought down by force. Still, do you think that more reasons need to be stated?

Due to many factors, the black doctors available worldwide are less in number and looking at the quantity in Austin, you can see for yourself that how it impacts the overall statistics of the world.

When Black Doctors Meet Black Patients

Now, coming to a positive aspect, let's talk about what happens when a black patient meets a black doctor, someone of his own race and color.

Patients, black patients in Austin specifically, when they meet a black doctor, they get a sense of solace and connectivity. They become contented by the fact that the doctor is one of their own. One who faces the same situations. One who can understand their pain.

People can try but it cannot be completely achieved b a white or Hispanic doctor.

Effective Care For Black Patients

You care for your family. Why? Because they are your family and you are one of them. In the same way, black doctors treat black patients as their own family. They care for them differently. They know the difficulties of a black person. They provide extra care to the patients to show them that they are not alone. To show them that no matter what the world says, they will still be united by their pure color, their origin.


According to the research by Harvard, it was found that 65% of the black people agreed to the fact that a doctor of the same race would understand their concerns best.

Apart from this, an increase of 30% was seen when they made a study on how well the patient will respond when he meets a doctor of the same race.

Pure And Non-Biased Connectivity

We understand those we love. We take care of our own. In the same way, black people take care of their own. Their bonding is a special bonding that cannot be achieved by others. A sense of belonging is an important factor when it comes to effective treatment. When a black patient goes to a black doctor, he knows that he will be treated without discrimination. He knows that he will not be judged by the color of his skin, but by the disease he has.

Pure unhinged connectivity leads to better treatment. Black patients in Austin agree on receiving better health care. Why? Because they trust each other. Trust is a crucial factor. Without trust in the doctor, a patient cannot improve clinically.

Organizations For Black Doctors

As it is an important issue, many organizations have been made for this very purpose. They promote black doctors. The doctors in Austin have an organization as well.

Society of Black Academic Surgeons

They strive to give the black doctors into achieving leading positions. They provide black students with better health-study opportunities. They are the representatives of African Americans and other minorities.

Association of Black Women Physicians

It is a non-profit organization started in 1982 which provides scholarships to many deserving women to promote them in medical and clinical studies. Their main focus is to eliminate health inequalities.

Austin Black Physicians Association

They promote medical and premedical studies by giving out scholarships to deserving students. They have different mentorship programs to support black doctors. Their main focus is on Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Top Black Doctors In Austin, Texas

The top black doctors that can be found in Austin, Texas are:

l Dr. Jessica Edwards

l Sherry Neyman

l Tina Ward

l Reginald Baptiste

l Kimberlee Hendersen

l Chinwe Efuribe

l Melek Speros

l Risinger Norman

l Jeff Hutchinson

l DeVry C. Anderson

Black Lives Can Be Saved By Black Doctors!

According to CNN, it is concluded that in order to save black people, more black doctors need to be hired. Patient's trust, engagement, and cultural awareness are very important. This can only be achieved by black doctors in the case of black patients. More doctors need to come forward in Austin so that the community of black people in Austin can benefit from this confirming the fact that they are understood completely.

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