Austin Black Physicians association

Zara Medical Aesthetics envision a globe where health and wellness are approachable by everyone. To serve this reason we offer a broad range of aesthetics, obstetrics, and concierge medicine services. The way our team builds significant relation with patients and their families for maximum output is a quality to count on.

Austin Black Physician Association is to enhance the health and fitness of the under-served communities. This association is made to eliminate the disparity by inspiring the next generation with Black physicians. The African-Americans are being given significance by taking this step. Racial injustice and brutality are being removed which is a nice gesture and very appreciative.

Zara medical aesthetics is providing a Black doctor or physician to eradicate the disparities and let others know that black lives matter!

Services offered by Zara medical aesthetics:

From getting lip fillers to helping you with your pregnancies, Zara Medical is a dream organization to coordinate with. At Zara Medical Aesthetics we offer the following major services:

1. Concierge Medicine:

Concierge medicine (also recognized as retainer medicine) is a form of membership in which patients are generally provided 24/7 access to their physicians. Concierge doctors manage all facets of patient care. They provide extended and frequent appointments.

The demand for concierge medicine is increasing because the patients appreciate longer visits, personalized medications, and having more success. This is a very beneficial method that is frequently opted for by patients these days.

This service is attained by paying an annual fee or retainer and then you can get appointments and services any time and any longer you want! Zara medical aesthetics provide this service and are recommended as they accomplish their duty very well.

2. Obstetrics:

Our trained Obstetricians are expert in providing the women with necessary medical care needed during pregnancy, as well as they have skills to manage high-risk pregnancies and complex births.

For every woman, pregnancy is a life-changing experience, from tests to childbirth, everything needs the highest level of attention. All of this is dealt with great care and special treatment by our doctors who are master of handling complicated or high-risk pregnancies.

Having your baby at Zara Medical aesthetics, whether your pregnancy is complicated or not, will be an unforgettable experience.

3. Aesthetics:

We aim to improve the physical appearance and satisfy our clients through medical procedures.

Importance of Aesthetics:

With the rapid advancement of technology, non-surgical aesthetic treatments are preferred. Essentially, aesthetic medicines are used to minimize wrinkles, aging, skin laxity, and liver spots. Also, they play a major role in treating excess fat, cellulite, and obesity. There are 5 kinds of medical aesthetics offered by us.

Xeomin Aesthetic:

Botox is not the sole method of smoothing the wrinkle town. There is another method, referred to as Xeomin that you can get done with the help of a professional doctor at Zara Medical Aesthetics.

It is time to put to rest the tired question, ‘What will Xeomin do for you?”. Your answer is that Xeomin is injected into your muscles which will improve the look of frown lines between the eyebrows for a short time (in adults). Though, Xeomin can also cause some side effects, which will be addressed by our experienced doctor before treatment.

Versa dermal fillers:

At Zara Medical Aesthetics, we are aimed to provide incredible results by experience and premium products. If you have been considering to get fillers, versa dermal is the right one.

If seen on a molecular level, Versa has a tiny particle structure that is why it results in a smooth and natural-looking texture as well as it is long-lasting. Versa can be injected in lips, cheeks, and nasolabial folds. The big question is, of course, how long does it last? The answer is 6 to 12 months.

The Vampire Facial:

Keeping in view, the high demand, ZaraMedAesthetics offers the best vampire facial services via the only certified physician in Comal country.

The vampire facial, in actual, uses your own blood to promote the healthy activity of your skin cells. The treatment includes a venipuncture, which might sound terrifying, but trust us, it is painless.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step regrowth therapy. The person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp. This therapy is for treating problems such as healing injured tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It’s a safe and effective procedure reversing hair loss and stimulating new growth.

It's an almost painless process. It increases the blood supply to follicles and triggers the growth phase. Zara Aesthetics perform their job very effectively and give their best to the client.

Green Peel:

If you’re looking for organic skin treatment, the Green Peel is the right one for you! It's a plant-based facial peel which rejuvenates your skin inside and out. It's an herbal peel that is made up of natural ingredients. There are no chemicals in it which is the best thing about it.

This is an adequate facial treatment beneficial for blemishes, acne-prone skin, large pores, scar treatment, and sunspots, etc. Other benefits are stated below:

· increases blood circulation to the dermis

· boosts oxygen supply

· improves skin tone and texture

· stimulates skin cells renewal

· Enhance the skin with essential nutrients

It’s a feasible option for both men and women. If you want to brighten up your complexion or skin tone, the Green peel is the nicest treatment.

All of these services are provided by Dr. Jessica Edwards. Dr. Edwards is a highly skilled family medicine physician, whose mission is to enhance the healthcare facilities and to improve to address the disparities in not only Austin but throughout the world.

Are you a candidate?

If you are interested in whether getting your skin perfectly smooth, having fillers, or easing your pregnancy, we are just a call away. We treat the patients with effort, love, and devotion. The one on one interaction with your physician will help you to build trust in us.

We are quick and effective. Our clinical mastery with an expansive scope of the present day, innovative technology in addition to utilizing progressed laser innovation and medications spa items, offer you ideal outcomes.

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